Gennady Lysak is a member of Russian Creative Union Of Artists and International Federation Of Artists.
He was born on December 28, 1967 in small Ukrainian town Kazatin.
Gennady grew up in Ukraine where he took first classes at local school of arts. Currently he lives and works in Moscow, Russia.
Gena took part in more then 30 professional artist exhibitions and 20 personal exhibitions in Russia and abroad. There are several parallel trends in his paintings such as symbolism, landscapes, animal impressionism and abstraction.
 Artist travels a lot in search of fresh scenery ideas.
 Some of his  "travel" series are "The Earth's Greatest Waterfalls" , "Egyptian Sketches", "The Austrian Series", "Crimean Landscapes", "Moscow Suburbs","Florentine Essay", "Central Asia Mountain Landscapes".
Artist dedicated several years to creation of "The Earth's Greatest Waterfalls" series which became very popular. His fascination with untamable energy of the falling water has transferred onto canvas and captured attention of art lovers.
In 2000  Gena took part in Holland Art-2000 exhibit.
In 2002  Lisa started his own gallery "Wasserfall" in Austrian city Gulden which have worked as a gate to the market of Western-European admirers of the modern art.
In 2006  Gena started his personal gallery "Path to the light" in Moscow Roerich Museum which was well-noticed by Russian art media.
Gena is constantly exploring new trends and ideas in search of excellence.